Shield Your Aura With These Powerful Malas

We all have a protective layer of invisible energy around us. This protective layer, called Aura, acts as a shield against the energies of outside world. Not just human beings but animals and non-living spaces also have their own Aura.

Whenever you interact with someone or visit a place, there is an exchange of energies between you and different entities. This exchange is so subtle that it is not perceivable by most beings.

When your Aura is weak and unprotected and you come in contact with a negative person or entity, there is a risk of their negativity entering your Aura. The ill-effects of such an encounter may vary from bad health to financial loss, depending upon the intentions of the malefic forces.

This is why spiritual and religious teachers recommend wearing malas and bracelets of certain crystals to strengthen your Aura and also protect it from outside negativity. Here is a list of malas/bracelets you can wear to protect your Aura against Evil Eye.

  1. Rudraksha

Have you ever wondered why saints, sages and seers always wear Rudraksha mala beads all around their bodies?

Since these sages are highly sensitive towards the play of energy within and outside them, they realise that the Rudraksha beads work both ways: it protects them from the negative energies of the outside world as well as helps them in their spiritual growth. These sages would travel from one place to another all the time, dealing with forces and energies of all kinds. And during their intense meditation practices, evil forces of other dimensions would always try to disrupt their practice. Such is the power of Rudraksha that it provides protection even against the most potent of negative energies.

So is Rudraksha Mala only for the psychics and seers? Not at all! In fact, the Rudkraksha is for everyone. A Rudraksha Mala provides the same level of protection and healing to the common man just like it does to saints and seers. Here are some of the benefits you can get by wearing a Rudraksha Mala:

Shield against Negative Energies: When worn, Rudraksha beads create a powerful layer of protection around your Aura. No negative energy can penetrate this protective shield, giving the wearer protection against evil-eye, black magic and psychic attacks. If because of your work or otherwise, you have to deal with a large number of people every day, wearing a Rudraksha mala will help protect your Aura from negative energies.

Spiritual Advancement: Saints and sages have been wearing Rudraksha Mala since ancient times, benefiting from the magical powers of these beads. Rudraksha speeds up spiritual growth and creates an environment conducive for intense meditation practices. It harmonises the energies of the wearer, aligning the chakras and establishing a strong connection with the higher realms.

Inner Peace: Rudraksha beads promote feelings of tranquillity and peacefulness.  The disturbances of the outside world have minimum or no effect on the wearer. When there is peace inside you, the turbulence of the outside world ceases to bother you.

Health: Rudrakhsa beads improve the functioning of your cardiovascular, neurological, and digestive systems. It helps regulate blood pressure and prevents formation of blockages in the flow of blood. It also aids physical healing of ailments and diseases.

Mitigate harmful planetary effects: As per the principles of astrology, alignment of planetary bodies influences our energies, either positively or negatively. Wearing Rudraksha beads can help you navigate the ill effects of unfavourable planetary positions and live a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

  1. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for protection against negativity, evil eye, and black magic. For personal protection, it can be worn in the form of a Mala, pendant, bracelet or ring or you can keep a small piece of tumbled black tourmaline stone in your pocket. For protection of home, workplace or social gatherings, you can use black tourmaline in the form of a pyramid or you can keep a big raw stone at the entrance or someplace you feel the presence of negativity. Since black tourmaline is associated with the Root Chakra, it helps in alleviating pains in the legs, knees and feet and also helps you keep grounded. Following are the major benefits of using a Black Tourmaline.

Protection against Negativity: Black Tourmaline prevents negativity from entering your space. It also protects against negative spirits, evil eye and black magic.  

People entering your house/office might unknowingly bring negative energies with them. You can place a piece of Black Tourmaline at the entrance of your home or workplace. This stone will block the negativity at the entrance itself. You can also keep it someplace you feel the presence of negativity.

If you meet a lot of people for work or otherwise, you must keep a small piece of black tourmaline stone in your pants’ pocket or anyplace near your Root Chakra or you can wear it as a bracelet or pendant. You may also keep a stone at your work desk. This will protect your Aura from negative energies of others.

Grounding: Grounding is the ability to live in the present moment. If you tend to over-think about your past traumas, fears, or losses, or worry too much about your future, this stone will make you feel safe, secure, aware, and focused.

Energetic clearance: This stone also dissolves energy blockages and balances emotions and moods. Those who suffer from frequent mood swings or are easily affected by outside occurrences, wearing this stone will help induce balance and equanimity.

Stress Relief: After a bad day, hold a piece of black tourmaline stone in your hands and request it to take away all your fatigue. You can sit in a relaxed meditative posture, holding the Black Tourmaline in your hands and feel all your stress, anxiety, anger, fears, pains, and tiredness leaving your body and being absorbed by the stone. Or you can watch all the negativity passing through your Root Chakra and draining into the Earth. This will make you feel light, stress-free, and relaxed.

Protection against electromagnetic frequencies:  If you work with a lot of electronic equipments and feel tired, stressed, suffer from headaches or find it difficult to focus or concentrate for long, it might be because of the electromagnetic rays emitted by the equipments. Keeping black tourmaline in your pocket or wearing it on your body can counter those effects.

  1. Obsidian

Obsidian is a Root Chakra stone and is usually black in colour. It fills the Aura of a space with positivity and creates a strong layer of protection against negative and evil forces. It can also be used for the purposes of healing the root chakra. It helps release stress, anxiety and anger.

Emotional Healing: If you feel your emotional blockages are limiting your growth in life or adversely affecting your relationships, obsidian is the stone for you. It will help you release the limiting beliefs and emotions so that you can have a healthy relationship with others as well as with yourself.

Dissolving fear: Since fear is associated with the root chakra, obsidian can help dissolve unwarranted fear from within. It helps you deal with life with more courage and confidence.

Eliminating negative energies: If you feel the presence of stress in your home or workplace, keep obsidian in your pants’ pocket or place a big piece in the affected space. Obsidian will absorb all the negativity from the environment and make the space stress-free.

Rejuvenation: If you feel tired because of work, wearing obsidian in the form of a Mala or bracelet can help. It will absorb your fatigue and keep you active all through the day. You can meditate while holding an obsidian stone in your hands or placing it nearby.

Detoxification: At the physical level, wearing obsidian Mala or bracelet will help release unhealthy toxins from your body. Also, if you feel there is toxicity in your office space due to politics, backbiting or unhealthy competition, obsidian will help release negativity from the environment. It will also protect your Aura from the negativity of your toxic co-workers or competitors.

  1. Selenite:

Selenite is a very soft crystal and can be carved into different shapes and sizes. You can use it for the following purposes.

Aura Cleansing: Selenite is a very fine crystal when it comes to cleansing your Aura after a tiring day. The more people you interact with, the more types of energies you take into your Aura. Not all the people you meet have positive energies. Selenite soaks in the negativity you may have gathered from outside environment and cleanses your Aura.

Protection of the sacred space: Every space has an Aura of its own: be it your home, bedroom, meditation room, kitchen, or workplace. Hence it becomes important to maintain the Aura of every space as per the activities performed over there. Selenite will maintain a positive a strong and positive Aura in your meditation or prayer room and help you invoke powerful energies in your sacred space. It also cleanses negative energies that may be lurking in the nooks and corners of your house or workplace.

Cleanses and protects other crystals: Selenite is such a powerful cleanser that it can be used to cleanse other crystals and amplify their power as well. Not just crystals and stones but also any other items of vastu, prayer and healing can be cleansed using selenite.

Connection with higher self: Selenite is widely beneficial for mediation practitioners and those who wish to enhance their psychic powers as this crystal helps connect with higher realm. It helps in getting divine guidance and support from guardian angels and higher beings.

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