Mala To Help You Let Go Of Toxic People

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to get rid of certain toxic people from your life? No matter how hard you try to maintain distance from them, they stick around you, spreading negativity and toxicity. There’s a spiritual theory behind it.

Every person that you meet in your life, you get attached to them with an invisible energy bond known as the karmic cord. It is believed that these karmic cords get carried forward from one lifetime to the next. This is the reason that some karmic cords are stronger than the others. Does that mean we have to bear the toxicity of these people forever? Not really.

There’s a powerful technique with which you can sever this karmic cord with people you wish to let go of from your life. After practicing this technique you will find that the person’s influence upon your life is gradually decreasing. Soon, he or she will go away from your life in a very organic manner. Once you start using this technique you will have more positive control over your life and relationships. You can use cord cutting for healing bad habits of your loved ones or for permanent disconnection with a toxic person. Cord Cutting Technique can be used in the following situations:

  1. To get rid of unwanted habits of those you love: Let’s say you have a life partner or a best friend who is perfect in every sense. However, he or she is short tempered. In that case you can use this cord cutting technique to heal their anger issues. This way, the unwanted trait/habit will be healed and your relationship will become even better.
  2. To forgive and forget your toxic past: If someone has ever hurt you, cheated on you or has done anything wrong to you, keeping grudges in your heart will never serve you any good. The more you hold on to the hurt, hatred and anger, the more severe will be the blockage in your heart chakra. When the heart chakra is blocked, you will find yourself stuck in a vicious spiral – attracting the same kind of toxic people in your life who give you nothing but heartbreaks and deceits. It’s in your own best interest to forgive, forget and move on. Yes, it seems easier said than done. That’s where this cord cutting technique will help you cut the connections with your past and unblock your heart chakra.
  3. To protect yourself from the toxicity of others: If there’s a toxic co-worker, relative, or friend who you feel has been sending you negative vibes, it’s better to cut cords with them. With time, you will find that their interference in your work and life has decreased substantially.
  4. To get rid of a person from your life completely: Sometimes you come across people who are outright negative towards you. No matter how hard you try to ignore them, their in-your-face attitude gets insufferable. The more you think about these negative people, the stronger your karmic cord with them will get. It’s better to sever relationships with them completely by cutting the karmic cord.

To begin, sit in a relaxed position. Calm yourself down with a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Now think about the person you wish to do cord cutting with.

Visualise that person right in front of you. Feel a connection with them in the form of a sliver colour cord that reaches from your navel to their navel. This cord stores the unwanted energy of the person you wish to let go. Feel the vibrations inside the cord. Feel the energy. All the negativity of that person, all the bad habits, all the hatred, jealousy and negativity is in inside the cord.

Then, in your own mind try having a conversation with them. Pour out your heart to that person. Tell them about their habits or traits that have been bothering you. Emptying your heart is very important. Say everything you have to say. Don’t keep anything to yourself. And when you are done with your side of the story, take a pause. Now it’s their turn to respond. Of course, they are not physically present but deep inside you already know why they behave the way they do. Maybe they are insecure or maybe they are going through a tough phase in their life. Give them a patient hearing.

After they have responded, you can choose to reply if you have anything to say. Let the conversation take its own course. This is important to heal you from within. Feel all the negative stuff getting transferred from your heart chakra to the karmic cord. As you cleanse your heart chakra, the cord becomes heavier. And when you cleansed out all the negativity from your heart chakra, visualise two pairs of golden-coloured scissors descending from above. Use the scissors to cut the cord from both ends. Do it with conviction. And if it seems challenging in the first attempt, put all your emotional strength behind it. Dissolve the relationship, disconnect with the person, and then try again. When you successfully cut the karmic cord, visualise it burning in a violet flame. You are now disconnected from that person’s negativity. Visualise a dark-coloured shadow leaving the person’s body. What is now left in front of you is a changed individual. Now you have to heal them. Visualise a green coloured light around them. This is the light of forgiveness and healing. Forgive them for what they did and bless them with happiness in their lives. Visualise them turning back and walking away.

Now, you can visualise yourself standing under a bright pink waterfall. Feel the soothing energy of water as it gently traverses through your body. Feel a sense of calm and relaxation descend upon you. Feel your heart chakra being healed. Repeat these affirmations: “I am at peace with myself. I forgive all those who have hurt me. I let go of all the anger, resentment and hurt. I invite love and kindness into my life. I am surrounded by people who love me and care for me. I am a happy soul.”

 To make this technique more effective you can use a Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine crystal in the form of a bracelet, mala, or pendant. Since these crystals are associated with your heart chakra, they will help in healing your relations. If you feel too much negativity coming from the person you wish to sever ties with, it is suggested to keep a black tourmaline nearby or wear it in the form of Mala, pendant, or bracelet.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz protects from the negativity of shallow and double-faced people. At the same time it helps attract the right people who are meant to come into your life for your highest good. Rose quartz invokes self-trust and enhances self-worth. It teaches you the true meaning of unconditional love. It also restores trust, love and care in your relationships. It is a very powerful stone for healing all issues of the heart and helps you forgive, forget and move on in life. It opens your heart to new opportunities and makes you more optimistic towards life.

Green Aventurine: Green aventurine is associated with your Heart Chakra. It promotes emotional well-being and aids physical healing and vitality. Whether it is business, career, or love, green aventurine will find a way to let right people come into your life at the right time and stick long enough. It is also the stone for prosperity and abundance. It also strengthens self-belief, confidence and aids personal growth. Green aventurine stone is known for attracting luck and good fortune.

Black Tourmaline: If you feel yourself being surrounded by negative and toxic people, black tourmaline will protect your aura from all sorts of negativity. It is a strong absorber and will prevent the negativity of outside from affecting you. Black Tourmaline also helps ward off evil-eye, black magic, and psychic attacks. It also releases stress and keeps you grounded. If you find your mind wavering between past and future, black tourmaline will help you heal and enjoy life in the present moment. It also helps dissolve fear, resentment, and anger.

Moonstone: For those who are highly emotional, moonstone will help induce emotional balance and harmony. It can be used to heal past traumas and abuse. It also helps heal those suffering from cheat, neglect, break-up or loss of a loved one. It helps maintain peace and balance in your surroundings. It creates a cocoon of love and warmth around you and protects you from the malefic intentions of toxic people around you.

Emerald: Emerald is a stone of the Heart Chakra that promotes love, compassion and healing. It is a very popular stone and is widely worn as jewellery in the form of necklace or ring. It is perfect for those looking for romantic relationships. It is also a stone for manifestation and goal achievement. It also enhances spiritual awareness and helps connect with divine powers. It induces calmness and serenity and helps establish peace around you.

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