Mala to Balance the Five Elements

From the ancient metaphysical sciences of Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Vastu Shastra to the modern western sciences, the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space – have been described as the building blocks of existence. The human body is made up of these five elements and so is the entire universe. In fact, nothing has ever existed in the universe beyond the five elements.

If you wish to lead a happy and harmonious life, it is essential that these five elements are in balance – both within and around you.

  1. Earth

Earth is the densest of the five elements. It is the foundation of the body, bones, flesh, skin, and hair.

Just like Mother Earth is the base of everything in the world, the Earth element is the base of your life. When your Earth element is balanced, you enjoy stability in all aspects of your life, be it finances, career, or relationships.

Earth signifies strength and solidity. It makes you physically and mentally strong. You are bold and fearless – always up for a challenge.

It also helps you with stability. You are firmly rooted in your ethics and can make strong and bold decisions. A balanced Earth element also promotes growth. The Earth element keeps you grounded, meaning your awareness is completely in the present moment. It keeps you focused and helps you lead a stress-free life.

When the Earth Element is imbalanced, you may feel fatigue, fear, insecurity, lack of energy, or loss of appetite. Physical issues related to your bones, muscles, skin, nails, and teeth may also point towards an imbalance of the Earth element.

If you feel insecure – whether in business, job or relationships, it may have something to do with the imbalance of the Earth element. You may also find it difficult to manage your expenses, leading to instability and confusion. If you feel anxious all the time or can’t stay focused in the present moment, it is a symptom of an imbalanced Earth element. You may be living in a fantasy world, recreating the past events in your mind, or imagining an unrealistic future in your mind.

It is related to the sense of smell. The sense organ is nose.

You can balance your Earth Element by connecting more with the element Earth. Walking barefoot on grass every morning will help keep you grounded. Gardening is also recommended as it helps reduce stress. The following crystals can be worn in the form of Mala, pendant, bracelet or kept in your pants’ pocket.

Crystals associated with Earth element: Red Jasper, Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz

  1. Water

Water is less dense than Earth but a lot more fluid. It has more freedom and is more complex at the same time. In Water, the stillness of the Earth is replaced by movement. The element of water represents change. Change is the law of nature. Without change, there will be no growth; there will be no life. The water element allows you to grow and prosper, create and renew, to let go and move forward.

The water element corresponds to the physiological functions of related to the liquid state – blood circulation, urinary passage, and reproduction. An imbalance of the water element may have adverse effects on these functions as well.

At the emotional level, if you suffer from frequent mood swings, this may have something to with the imbalance of water element.

Since the water element is also associated with freedom and letting go, its imbalance may make you feel being stuck in your life, not knowing where to go.

Water is related to the sense of taste. The sense organ is tongue.

To balance the water element, it is advised to drink lots of water every day. Also, while having shower, as the water flows through your skin, feel stress and emotional imbalance being released from your body and mind.

If you have a beach, river, pond or any other water body nearby, spending time over there, with feet dipped into the water will help relax your senses and balance your water element.

Crystals associated with Water element: Carnelian, Moonstone.

  1. Fire

Fire is the element of transformation. It turns matter into light and heat. Earth and Water element are passive in nature, are subject to the pull of gravity and hence flow downward. Fire, on the contrary, moves upward against the pull of gravity. It has the power to transform the energy of the matter into heat and light.

The Fire element drives your passions, courage, confidence, willpower, and discipline. It stirs you up into action and fills you with the zeal and ambition to achieve your goals.

Fire burns old destructive patterns of bad habits and helps form new, beneficial behaviours. It challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and march towards fulfilling your dreams. It helps you pass through difficulties with confidence and courage.

A fire element person is always motivated from within and does not need external stimuli for inspiration.

At the physical level, the fire element governs your digestive systems and muscles. If you suffer from gastric problems or muscle related issues, you need to balance the fire element within you.

When the fire element within you is imbalanced, you will indulge in ego-satisfying activities to seek validation from outside. If your fire element is weak, you will run away from taking a stand when required. When this element is in an excessive state, you will feel the need to grab power and authority over others and dominate and control others in order to satisfy your ego.

When fire within you in a balanced state, you will be unafraid to take the right course of actions for the higher good.

A weakness of fire element will make you feel powerless and victim of outside situations. When balanced, you will regain the control of your life and see yourself as the creator of your own destiny.

Fire is related to the sense of sight. The sense organs are eyes.

To ignite the fire element within you, spend some time under the gaze of the morning Sun.

Crystals associated with Fire element: Citrine, Pyrite

  1. Air:

Air is the element of expansion. It is the least dense among the physical elements discussed so far. Air is associated with knowledge and freedom. It also represents freshness, openness, lightness and softness.

The element of air is very special. It has a tendency to disperse and spread evenly across any space. This is why we burn incense sticks – to fill the room with fragrance and positivity. Air signifies a sense of balance, calmness, and equanimity.

Air represents the vital process of breathing that keeps us alive. When the air element inside is in a disturbed state, we may face breathing difficulties and lung-related issues.

Air also represents balance. Disturbance in the air element may lead to work-life imbalances. You will find it difficult to maintain your relationships and may feel good people slipping away from your life. Even on the work front, you might find that you are not getting enough returns for your efforts. To restore equilibrium in your work, relationships and other aspects of your life, air element must be balanced.

Air element brings harmony, balance, and equanimity into your life.

Air is related to the sense of touch. The sense organ is skin.

To balance air element, practice yoga and deep breathing exercises. Also, try to spend more time in open, inhaling fresh oxygen from trees, preferably early in the morning.

Crystals associated with Air element: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine

  1. Ether/Space

Ether/Space is referred to as “Akasha” in the Sanskrit language. Akasha is empty but in its emptiness holds everything. Ether is the synergy of all the four elements; yet is without the solidity of Earth, fluidity of water, heat of Fire, and lightness of Air. Ether is the playground of the entire existence.

Inside our body, ether element is there anywhere there is space or cavity. Whatever is not any of the other four elements, can be attributed to the Space element.

Since it cannot be seen or felt with normal senses, the Space element teaches you about detachments. If you are overly attached with material possessions, you need to balance the ether element.

Ether is associated with your speech and expression. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing your truth to others or feel you lack the skill of effective communication, this may be owing to an imbalanced space element within you. Ether is not just about any expression but the expression of truth.

Ether is related to the sense of hearing. The sense organs are ears.

To balance the space element, you must take your awareness away from the physical body. When sitting in meditation, detach from your senses; realise that you are not your body; you are not your mind. Meditate on what’s beyond the senses, the body, and the mind. That’s “Akasha”.

Crystals associated with Ether/Space element: Clear Quartz; Rudraksha
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