Mala for Wealth and Abundance

For most people, the problem with goal-setting is that they set goals keeping in mind their limitations, restrictions, and shortcomings. What they tend to forget is that there is no scarcity in the universe. Anything that you wish for is there in abundance. The only limitations that you have are in your mind. So, whether it is about taking your business to unimaginable heights or reaching the pinnacle of your profession, always remember that every goal is within your reach.

To fill you up with inexhaustible confidence and help you break-free from the chains of self-limiting beliefs, here are two amazing crystals and the methods to use them.

Pyrite: Wealth


  1. Removes blockages in Wealth creation:

Pyrite helps release you from the shackles of self-limiting beliefs, doubts and fears that have been restricting your financial growth.

Usage tip: Take a pen and a piece of paper. Hold the pyrite in your non-writing hand and ask yourself, “What’s my biggest fear with regards to money?” Meditate on this thought for a while. Whatever answer you receive, write it down on the paper.

Read the page again. Then burn it and flush it in the toilet. Hold the pyrite in your hands and say out loud, “I open myself to new opportunities. I am a magnet that attracts wealth and abundance.”

  1. Boosts energy:

Since Pyrite is associated with the fire element. It holds the energy of the Sun and brings that energy into your performance as well.

Usage tip: If you are feeling discouraged, hold a pyrite in your non-dominant hand and visualise the stone filling your body with the energy of the Sun. Store this energy in your Solar Plexus Chakra located above your navel.

  1. Manifestation:

Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold”. It acts as a magnet that can attract wealth and good fortune.

Usage tip: Write your wish on a piece of paper and place it under the Pyrite. Heal your wish daily. You can also keep your visiting card underneath the Pyrite to attract more business opportunities.

  1. Motivation, Willpower, Confidence:

Pyrite helps you accomplish difficult tasks. Makes you feel ambitious. It changes thoughts of “I can’t” into “I can”.

Usage tip: When facing a daunting task at work, hold the Pyrite in your hands and repeat the affirmation “My will is strong and I can anything I set my mind to”. In your mind’s eye visualise yourself having achieved the goal.

  1. Focus and concentration:

Pyrite helps in learning new things. Keep it on your study or work desk if your work includes learning and research. It will help you stay focused on your work for longer durations without getting tired.

  1. Helps take action on plans:

Pyrite gives you the mental and physical strength as well as the resources to accomplish your tasks and also works to remove any obstacles from your path.

Usage tip: Before starting a new project, hold the Pyrite in your dominant hand and visualise yourself having successfully completed the task.

  1. Turning dreams into reality:

Usage tip: Hold the Pyrite in your dominant hand and meditate on it for a while. Visualise yourself becoming the best version of yourself. Visualise yourself having achieved what you have always wanted to achieve. Visualise yourself living the life you believe you are meant to live.

Placement: Place your pyrite crystal at a place where you can see it on a daily basis so that it can remind you of your intentions. Hold it daily and repeat your intentions.

  1. Protection:

On the road to success, you will have to confront many types of negativities – from your competitors, co-workers, or jealousy those around you. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone that will shield you from the negativities, psychic attacks and evil eye. Not just from people, this stone also offers protection against the risks associated with business and market. Pyrite keeps you grounded and focused at the task at hand. It helps keep you stay away from distractions and negative influences. It forms a shield of protection around you, keeps you safe, motivated and focused on achieving success.

  1. Problem solving:

Pyrite ignites your creative instincts to come up with practical solutions to the problems of business or profession. It helps you look at the big picture and take decisions for the larger good. It helps you see through the complexities of the problems and deal with them in the most effective way. Pyrite is a great stone for those whose work includes logical and analytical thinking.

  1. Enhancing personal power:

If you feel bored by the mundane nature of your work, Pyrite will instil you with vigour and excitement. This is a stone that gives us the energy and motivation through our daily lives. It is also helpful to regain your inner strength to deal with testing circumstances and pass through tough phases. With Pyrite by your side, no task is too big. It awakens the fighter within you will not stop until the goal is achieved. It makes you fearless and confident about your skills. It kindles motivation when things begin to become dull. It is the stone of personal power and growth.

  1. Shattering illusions:

Deceits, lies, and manipulation are common business tactics. Pyrite will bring those lies to the surface so that you can see through them. If you are deceiving yourself, pyrite will remove the blindfold from your eyes and make you see the reality. This stone gives you the right perspective.

Citrine: Prosperity

  1. Goal achievement:

Citrine is a stone that will stir you into action. If you have a goal, citrine will help you develop the necessary skills and conjure up the resources to achieve that goal. It will fill you with passion and energy. It will fuel for motivation and encourage you to take worthy risks in business. It will instil in you the courage to ask for investments for your business plan. It strikes for you from all angles, creating an atmosphere where success becomes a natural by-product.

  1. Prosperity:

Prosperity is about having the best of all that life has to offer. It includes health, joy, love, friendship, relationship, happiness, growth, career, and wealth. Citrine is a stone committed to turn your dreams into reality. Whatever field you are into, it will attract opportunities for you left, right and centre. It not just opens the doors of opportunities but also gives you the confidence to take them.

Usage tip: Hold a piece of Citrine in your non-dominant hand or wear it as a mala, bracelet, or pendant and visualise yourself as a magnet attracting all the good things into your life – health, wealth, happiness, and fortune.

  1. Self-Confidence:

Usage tip: Hold a piece of Citrine close to your Solar Plexus Chakra as you meditate. Visualise the golden light from Citrine surrounding you completely. Feel this golden light entering your body and flowing through you and shining as self-confidence. Bask in this light of confidence for a while.

Repeat the affirmation: “I accept myself exactly as I am. I am confident in all that I do.” To end the meditation, visualise the golden energy of self-confidence collecting in your Sacral Chakra. Tap your Solar Plexus three times to reserve the excess energy within you.

  1. Willpower, Energy, and Stamina:

Citrine helps you be successful and thrive in your work. Since it is associated with Solar Plexus Chakra, it ignites the fire of ambition within you and makes you work hard towards achieving your goals. It also helps you overcome procrastination and get things done.

  1. Dissolves feelings of unworthiness:

Citrine clears all self-doubts or negative emotions that you may be carrying against yourself.

Tip: Hold Citrine at your solar plexus while you sit for meditation. As you inhale, breathe in worthiness. As you exhale, breathe out all feelings of unworthiness.

  1. Helps in healing over-spending and gambling addictions:

Citrine helps strengthen your self-control and willpower. It helps you avoid indulging in harmful habits.

Tip: Carry a piece of Citrine in your purse/wallet to prevent wasteful spending.

  1. Helps in decision-making:

You can seek guidance from Citrine when making financial or any other important decisions in your life.

  1. Manifestation:

Citrine is a stone of manifestation. You can use it for your financial or career related affirmations.

Usage tip: Every morning, hold the Citrine and touch it on your Third-Eye and put your intentions for manifestation into it. Citrine will work throughout the day acting as a magnet, attracting opportunities and resources to manifest your dreams.

  1. New beginnings:

Keep a piece of Citrine with you when you are about to make a new start in your career or working on a new project.

Placement: Keep Citrine in your wallet, cash-box, and locker. You can also keep it in the South-West corner of your home, room, and office.

  1. Inspiration:

Usage tip: Hold the citrine in your non-dominant hand to receive ideas and inspiration. Sit in a quiet place in a comfortable position. Take several slow deep breaths. Now ask yourself what are some ways I can create abundance in my life. Allow insight to arise from your inner wisdom. Ask your inner guide as to what are the steps I can take to implement this idea and. Take your time. Make notes. Repeat daily.

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