How to Choose your Crystal Mala

When it comes to crystal malas, there are a lot of options to choose from. Visit a local shop or an online marketplace, and a myriad of colours shine brightly in your eyes, vying for attention. Which one should you buy? The one which matches with your new dress? Well, you can but you should not. Here’s the thing: crystal malas, bracelets, and pendants aren’t just accessories to show off your fashion sense. They are potent tools of transformation. Crystals deal with the energies within and around you in such a way that if properly used, you can benefit tremendously from them. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose the right crystal depending upon your purpose.

  1. Prosperity

Contrary to the popular belief, prosperity is not just about money. Most people struggle with prosperity because they think it is the opposite of scarcity. That’s not true. Prosperity is a much wider and all-embracing concept. Prosperity is abound abundance – abundance of all the things you value in life, including love, joy, health, friendship, and money.

Citrine: Citrine helps in removing all sorts of blockages, be it self-limiting beliefs, lack of resources, and even negativity. On a personal level it, works on your willpower and discipline and ignites the fire within you to help you achieve anything you set your mind to.

Green Aventurine: It is the stone that promotes prosperity and enhances leadership qualities within you. It helps you connect with the right people in all spheres of life – family, love, business, and career.

  1. Balance

When you lack balance in life, it reflects in many ways such as poor work-life balance, unhealthy dietary habits, disturbed sleep patterns, and excessive stress without enough relaxation. You can use the following crystals to restore balance in your life.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz helps nullify the negative effects of the surroundings to restore balance in your life. It heals holistically and induces a relaxing effect. It also helps in getting rid of unwanted habits and developing new, favourable ones. Clear Quartz is widely used for healing purposes. It amplifies the power of your affirmations. It also helps cleanse any imbalance or negativity from your energy system. If you wish to bring your life on track, clear quartz is the perfect crystal for you. It strengthens your Aura and gives power to your positive intentions.

Turquoise: It is a stone of harmony and spiritual well-being. It absorbs excessive energy and restores balance. Since earlier times, travellers carry this stone with them as it believed to offer safety during travels. It is also a stone of empowerment and personal power. Clarity of mind and emotional balance are some other benefits of using turquoise. It is a great stone for those who are in the creative field and want to improve their communication with creative ideas and effective communication.

Rainbow Fluorite: It is the stone for inner harmony. It also helps release anxiety and helps regulate blood pressure. Rainbow Fluorite is known to have a calming effect on the wearer. It also enhances creativity and intuition.

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety is when you suffer from excessive flow of energy within yourself in the form of too much thoughts, uncontrolled emotions, or mental pressure. For these situations you need stones that absorb your excessive energy to help you calm down and relax.

Amber: If you suffer from social anxiety, you should wear amber. Whenever you are going to a large gathering or socially-intense places, wearing it in the form of a pendant, bracelet, or ring will help ease your anxiety.

Sodalite: Sodalite is a blue-coloured stone that helps overcome negative thinking and induces calmness of mind. It is also a great stone for meditation, intuition and communication.

Smoky Quartz: If you suffer from anxiety owing to your own negative self-talk, you can use smoky quartz in the form of mala, pendant, or bracelet or keep it in your pants’ pocket. Since smoky quartz is also associated with the root chakra, it will help heal the chakra and bring your mind to the present moment.

  1. Addiction

Addiction is not just about being addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is about any unwanted attachment that does not serve you, such as unhealthy food or toxic relationships. To overcome addiction, one needs to work on two aspects: strengthening personal will and breaking free from the unwanted attachment.

Hematite: It is a stone that absorbs energies, making it a perfect stone for de-addiction. It will absorb your attachments and help you release your limiting habits and addictions. It also protects against negativity and helps release stress.

Amethyst: Amethyst is very powerful against mind-altering substances like nicotine and caffeine, and is also known as the “sobriety stone”. Wearing amethyst in the form of bracelet, pendant, or mala will help in your fight against addiction.

  1. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a pre-requisite for growth and success. Here are three crystals that will definitely work for you.

Tigers Eye: Tigers Eye is a very powerful stone of the Solar Plexus which helps you build self-confidence organically. At the same time this stone is a good absorber as well and prevents self-confidence from turning into arrogance.

Amber: Amber generates positive energy, relieves anxiety and promotes self-confidence. It helps your self-confidence from dipping when faced with unfavourable circumstances and blocks other people’s negativity.

Citrine: Citrine is a very popular crystal for enhancing self-confidence and releasing self-limiting beliefs. It helps you the confidence and skill to surpass any obstacle and reach your ultimate potential. It is very useful for goal achievement as well.

  1. Inner Peace

Inner peace is when you learn how to remain calm when there is a storm raging outside. This quality will help you not only in your personal life but also in your relationships and career. Here are three crystals to help you find you inner peace:

Larimar: Larimar is such a beautiful stone that even looking at it will evoke a sense of calm and peace within you. It is a stone of serenity and will help soothe your senses when encountering irritable situations. It also helps release unhealthy emotional bonds.

Blue Calcite: This stone promotes tranquillity and inner peace. It creates a protective shield around you, preventing the external stress to affect your aura. It also helps develop psychic abilities and elevates meditation experience.

Tree Agate: It is a stone for spiritual strength and inner tranquillity. It helps harmonize energies for your higher good. It is also a stone for healing and wisdom.

  1. Decisiveness

Decisiveness is about the perfect balance between intellect, instinct, and intuition. What’s best for you is not always known to you in advance. These crystals will help you make the decisions that are for your highest good.

Ametrine: Ametrine engages three chakras – third eye, heart and solar plexus chakra. When these three chakras are properly aligned, you are able to make decisions based on higher guidance, compassion, and gut instincts.

Amethyst: It is a crystal that connects you with your guiding angels and divine powers. Although we are flooded with information and have the latest technology at our disposal, we cannot make any meaningful decisions without guidance from higher realms. Amethyst is the most reliable crystal for wisdom and guidance.

  1. Patience

Patience is the ability to stay calm and composed during difficult and testing times. In a world where everything happens so fast, the quality of being patient becomes all the more important. Here are three crystals to help you develop patience.

Howlite: This is a great stone for you if you have to deal with impatience on a daily basis. If you are a parent with young children or your work requires a great amount of public dealing, keep this stone with you to develop patience.

Amazonite: If you have been suffering from impatience for a long time and wish to change for better, try amazonite. This crystal will tranquilise your nerves and make you more calm, composed and patient.

Labradorite: Sometimes our impatience stems from the outside negativity. Labradorite is the perfect stone in such situations. It is a powerful stone against negativity. It also helps calm down an over-thinking mind.

  1. Motivation

To accomplish your goals you need to have a spark of motivation within you. Motivation is associated with the solar plexus chakra, located above your navel. Balancing and activating this chakra will help you develop confidence, discipline and self-motivation.

Rainbow Fluorite: It is a powerful stone for concentration and motivation. It induces balance and harmony and also helps in improving mental and emotional health. Students and entrepreneurs can wear it in the form of pendant, necklace or mala to stay focused on their goals.

Citrine: Citrine helps activate the Solar Plexus to ignite the proverbial fire in the belly. It gives you the mental strength to surpass all obstacles and become unstoppable. It also helps you stay focused on the goal and not be deterred by difficulties and failures.

Yellow Tigers Eye: This stone will help amplify your motivation and willpower. It is also a great stone for goal manifestation. It absorbs stress and helps you enjoy your journey to success.

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